The East Rift Valley welcomes you! We are the home of the beautiful mountains and valleys, cool springs and blue ocean coasts, and warm-hearted people and rich aboriginal cultures.

 Whether it’s a family outing, group seminar,
or simple night stay, everyone is welcome!

ATM transfer account:
Account option #1
Land Bank Bank code (005)
Account name: 智嵐雅居民宿李平妹
Account number: 019-00-112151-3
Please call to confirm fund receipt after your ATM transfers.

We provide you the following services:
1) free ADSL access
2) tea, and coffee
3) handmade gift from hostess
4) assistance on trip planning
5) purchase option of locally produced pomelo, honey,
pollen, and royal Jelly. We provide a card reader,
and can accept payment by any valid bank IC card.

From now on. we can accept credit card payment on the spot.
府觀管字第09300702940號 Home Stay NO:144
We are a registered legal home-stay of
Hualien Provence. License number: 09300702940, Home-stay no. 144.
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