The Story of Wisdom Garden Under the starry sky of a cool summer night, she is having a happy chat with the guests from Taipei. The guests: Walking toward the paradise-like hillside, what's the reason behind all this? Is it rebellion? She: I think, there is a story behind every existence….. The hostess of Wisdom Garden grew up to appreciate the beauties of nature. In her junior high school years, she read about "The Accounts of the Peach Blossoms Encounter" by famous poet Tou Yuan Ming, and was immediately attracted by the peaceful life described in the story. In 1989, together with her brothers and sisters, she bought the fruit farm land in front of today's Wisdom Garden with her hard earned income. In the year to come, she bought the land shares from rest of the family members, and put together the land as today's Wisdom Garden. In 1999, with the helps of friends and limited budget, she finally finished building a simple yet elegant multi-functional 2-floor building. The teacher who taught her knowledge of life was invited to name this building "Wisdom Mist". In 2004, her friends encouraged her to convert this beautiful paradise as a homestay and share with visitors.










The fee for Chan Yue Building 1sy floor is NT$10,000 per night. The maximum occupancy is 16 persons. 20% discount off listed price on non-holiday. Star Plucking Room is charged by headcount, and is NT$600 per person for sleepover, and NT$3,000 for daytime usage. Booking the whole building is encourage for multi-functional use, such as family gathering/reunion, business/group seminar, and other personal creativity. Please make your reservation early. There will be a 20% additional charge to all rooms during the annual Chinese New Year holidays.

We provide you the following services:
1) free ADSL access
2) tea, and coffee
3) handmade gift from hostess
4) assistance on trip planning
5) purchase option of locally produced pomelo, honey,
pollen, and royal Jelly. We provide a card reader,
and can accept payment by any valid bank IC card.

From now on. we can accept credit card payment on the spot.
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